What exactly are the benefits of using Flex FD ?

Compared with ‘doing it yourself’:

Optimise your time
You can offload the responsibility for the finance function to a seasoned professional, allowing you the time to do what you really want to be doing -



Flex FD bring a wealth of SME experience to your business – not only can you be assured the finance function will be in safe hands but you will also have a ‘sounding board’ to bounce ideas off, someone who will not only be able to comment dispassionately on your ideas but may also be able to offer one or two of their own !

Compared with the more traditional route of employing
a full-time financial executive:

Lower cost


You only pay for the time Flex FD are actually working with your business. You won’t be paying for days lost to holidays or sickness. Nor will you incur the add-on employment costs such as NI, pension contributions, health insurance, recruitment costs etc.
Value for money

Every time you enlist input from Flex FD it will be for tasks which require that particular level of experience – you will not be paying for the more routine tasks which don’t really add value to your business.


Should you wish to dispense with the services of Flex FD there are no costs of termination (unlike most employer/employee relationships).

Relationship status

Remember the ‘D’ in Flex FD stands for ‘Direction’ not ‘Director’.  Unlike in many full-time employment positions, Flex FD do not expect to be appointed a Board member.